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Every day, millions of people search Google for various information. Find the information you need to search Google in a most efficient way.

How to find the exact phrase

Find the exact phrase or form of a word is easy! To do this, use the quotes “ ”. Take a phrase or a word in quotation marks, and Google will look for a web page where there is exactly such a phrase or a word form.
For example: "king gossip celebrity news"

How to exclude a word from the search

Put a “minus” before the word that you do not want to see in the answers. You can exclude even a few words.
For example: Billie Jean -lyrics -2Cellos 

How to search on a specific site

For this, you will need the “site” operator. It allows you to specify the site on which you want to search directly in the query. Only be sure to post a site colon.
For example: free makeup

How to find a document that contains a specific word

Put “plus” (+) in front of the required word, without separating it from the word by a space. Several mandatory words can be included in the query.
For example: Kennedy memorial +avenue 

How to search for documents of a certain type

You need the “mime” operator. Every query should contain mime, a colon and then the type of document that you need. ie:  pdf or doc.
For example: passport application mime:pdf

How to find words in one sentence

Use the "ampersand" sign — &. If you combine words with an ampersand, Google will find the documents where these words are in one sentence.
For example: George Washington memorial & New York

The unit converter

To convert the units, use the special query.
For example: 1 kg to lbs

Currencies exchange rate

To know the exchange rate, type in the request.
For example: 1 usd to pounds

How to find a quote with the missed word

If you forget the word in the quote, it’s not a problem! Just take all of your quote in quotes and put a star instead of the missed word *. And your quote will be found along with the missed word.
For example: “to be or * to be”  

How to find any of several words

Just list all the suitable options through the vertical slash: |. Google will search for documents with any of these words.
For example: books | brochures | magazines; rent a house (New York | Washington)  

Search by synonyms

The ~ character to search for words that are similar to the selected one. See all links to pages with synonyms for the best words, but none of them will contain this word.
For example: ~best movies -movies 

Meaning of the word

Use the “define” operator and find out the meaning of the word.
For example: define:egotism

Time in the city

Enter a query consisting of "time" and "city".
For example: time Rome 

Weather forecast in the city

Just use the "weather" and "city" operators. And find out the forecast for a few days.
For example: weather Chicago


You may translate the words and phrases using the special formula: “word in language”.
For example: I love you in Spanish

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